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# Philips Somneo Binding

This binding integrates Philips Somneo HF367X into openHAB.

# Supported Things

This binding does only support one Thing:

  • Philips Somneo HF367X: A connected sleep and wake-Up light with the ThingTypeUID hf367x

# Thing Configuration

The Philips Somneo thing requires the hostname it can connect to. Its API only allows HTTPS access, but unfortunately the SSL certificate is not trusted and must be ignored by the parameter.

Parameter Values Default
hostname Hostname or IP address of the device -
port Port number 443
refreshInterval Interval the device is polled in sec 30
ignoreSSLErrors Ignore SSL Errors true

# Channels

Channel Type Read/Write Description
sensor#illuminance Number:Illuminance R The current illuminance in lux
sensor#temperature Number:Temperature R The current temperature
sensor#humidity Number:Dimensionless R The current humidity in %
sensor#noise Number:Dimensionless R The current noise in dB
light#main Switch RW Turn the light on, off and set the brightness
light#night Switch RW Turn the night light on or off
sunset#switch Switch RW Turn the sunset program on or off
sunset#remainingTime Number:Time R Remaining time from an activated program
sunset#lightIntensity Dimmer RW Set the brightness during the sunset programme
sunset#duration Number:Time RW The duration of sunset program in minutes
sunset#colorSchema Number RW Choose a personal sunset
sunset#ambientNoise String RW Ambient noise played during the sunset
sunset#volume Dimmer RW Set the volume during the sunset programme
relax#switch Switch RW Turn the relax breathe program on or off
relax#remainingTime Number:Time R Remaining time from an activated program
relax#breathingRate Number RW Breathing rate per minute during the relax program
relax#duration Number:Time RW The duration of breathe program in minutes
relax#guidanceType Number RW Select a breath guidance type during the relax program
relax#lightIntensity Dimmer RW Set the brightness during the breathe programme
relax#volume Dimmer RW Set the volume during the breathe programme
audio#radio Player RW Controlling the radio and seeking for a frequency
audio#aux Switch RW Turn the AUX input on or off
audio#volume Dimmer RW Change the sound volume of the device
audio#preset String RW The Device has 5 presets to store radio frequencies
audio#frequency String R The currently selected radio frequency

# Full Example


Thing somneo:hf367x:1 "Philips Somneo" @ "Bedroom" [ hostname="", ignoreSSLErrors=true ]


// Sensors
Number:Illuminance   PhilipsSomneo_Illuminance "Illuminance" <Sun>         ["Measurement", "Light"]       { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sensor#illuminance" }
Number:Temperature   PhilipsSomneo_Temperature "Temperature" <Temperature> ["Measurement", "Temperature"] { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sensor#temperature" }
Number:Dimensionless PhilipsSomneo_Humidity    "Humidity"    <Humidity>    ["Measurement", "Humidity"]    { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sensor#humidity" }
Number:Dimensionless PhilipsSomneo_Noise       "Noise"       <Noise>       ["Measurement", "Noise"]       { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sensor#noise" }
// Light
Dimmer PhilipsSomneo_MainLight       "Light"        <Light> ["Control", "Light"] { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:light#main" }
Switch PhilipsSomneo_NightLite       "Night Light"  <Light> ["Control", "Light"] { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:light#night" }
// Sunset
Switch      PhilipsSomneo_SunsetSwitch    "Sunset Program"  <Light>       ["Switch", "Power"]             { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sunset#switch" }
Number:Time PhilipsSomneo_SunsetRemaining "Remaining Time"  <Time>        ["Status", "Duration"]          { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sunset#remainingTime" }
Dimmer      PhilipsSomneo_SunsetIntensity "Light Intensity" <Light>       ["Control", "Light"]            { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sunset#lightIntensity" }
Number:Time PhilipsSomneo_SunsetDuration  "Duration"        <Time>        ["Control", "Duration"]         { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sunset#duration" }
Number      PhilipsSomneo_SunsetColor     "Sunset Color"    <Sunset>      ["Control", "ColorTemperature"] { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sunset#colorSchema" }
String      PhilipsSomneo_SunsetNoise     "Ambient Noise"   <Noise>       ["Control", "Noise"]            { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sunset#ambientNoise" }
Dimmer      PhilipsSomneo_SunsetVolume    "Volume"          <SoundVolume> ["Control", "SoundVolume"]      { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:sunset#volume" }
// Relax
Switch      PhilipsSomneo_RelaxSwitch        "Relax Program"   <Light>       ["Switch", "Power"]        { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:relax#switch" }
Number:Time PhilipsSomneo_RelaxRemaining     "Remaining Time"  <Time>        ["Status", "Duration"]     { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:relax#remainingTime" }
Number      PhilipsSomneo_RelaxBreathingRate "Breathing Rate"                ["Control"]                { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:relax#breathingRate" }
Number:Time PhilipsSomneo_RelaxDuration      "Duration"        <Time>        ["Control", "Duration"]    { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:relax#duration" }
Number      PhilipsSomneo_RelaxGuidanceType  "Guidance Type"                 ["Control"]                { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:relax#guidanceType" }
Dimmer      PhilipsSomneo_RelaxIntensity     "Light Intensity" <Light>       ["Control", "Light"]       { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:relax#lightIntensity" }
Dimmer      PhilipsSomneo_RelaxVolume        "Volume"          <SoundVolume> ["Control", "SoundVolume"] { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:relax#volume" }
// Audio
Player PhilipsSomneo_AudioRadio     "Radio Control" <MediaControl> ["Control"]                { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:audio#radio" }
Switch PhilipsSomneo_AudioAux       "AUX-Input"                    ["Switch", "Power"]        { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:audio#aux" }
Dimmer PhilipsSomneo_AudioVolume    "Volume"        <SoundVolume>  ["Control", "SoundVolume"] { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:audio#volume" }
String PhilipsSomneo_AudioPreset    "FM Preset"                    ["Control"]                { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:audio#preset" }
String PhilipsSomneo_AudioFrequency "FM Frequency"                 ["Status"]                 { channel="somneo:hf367x:1:audio#frequency" }


sitemap somneo label="Philips Somneo" {
    Frame label="Sensors" {
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_Illuminance
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_Temperature
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_Humidity
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_Noise
    Frame label="Lights" {
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_MainLight
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_MainLight visibility=[PhilipsSomneo_MainLight>0]
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_NightLite
    Frame label="Programs" {
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_SunsetSwitch
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_SunsetRemaining visibility=[PhilipsSomneo_SunsetSwitch==ON]
        Text label="Sunset Settings" icon="settings" {
            Default item=PhilipsSomneo_SunsetIntensity
            Default item=PhilipsSomneo_SunsetDuration
            Selection item=PhilipsSomneo_SunsetColor
            Default item=PhilipsSomneo_SunsetNoise
            Default item=PhilipsSomneo_SunsetVolume
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_RelaxSwitch
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_RelaxRemaining visibility=[PhilipsSomneo_RelaxSwitch==ON]
        Text label="Relax Settings" icon="settings" {
            Default item=PhilipsSomneo_RelaxBreathingRate
            Selection item=PhilipsSomneo_RelaxDuration
            Switch item=PhilipsSomneo_RelaxGuidanceType mappings=[0="Light", 1="Sound"]
            Default item=PhilipsSomneo_RelaxIntensity
            Default item=PhilipsSomneo_RelaxVolume
    Frame label="Audio" {
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_AudioRadio
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_AudioAux
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_AudioVolume visibility=[PhilipsSomneo_AudioRadio==PLAY, PhilipsSomneo_AudioAux==ON]
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_AudioPreset visibility=[PhilipsSomneo_AudioRadio==PLAY]
        Default item=PhilipsSomneo_AudioFrequency visibility=[PhilipsSomneo_AudioRadio==PLAY]

# Acknowledgements

Thanks to: