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# evcc Binding

This binding integrates evcc - electric vehicle charging control (opens new window), a project that provides a control center for electric vehicle charging.

evcc controls your wallbox(es) with multiple charging modes and allows you to charge your ev with your photovoltaik's excess current. To provide an intelligent charging control, evcc supports over 30 wallboxes and over 20 energy meters/home energy management systems from many manufacturers as well as electric vehicles from over 20 car manufacturers. Furthermore, evcc calculates your money savings.

This binding enables openHAB to retrieve status data from your evcc installation and to control the charging process. For more advanced features like calculated savings, you have to visit the web UI of evcc.

# Supported Things

  • device: A running evcc installation.

# Discovery

No auto discovery supported.

# Thing Configuration

# device Thing Configuration

Parameter Type Description Advanced Required
url String URL of evcc web UI, e.g. No Yes
refreshInterval Number Interval the status is polled in seconds (minimum is 15) Yes No

Default value for refreshInterval is 60 seconds.

# Channels

# General channels

Those channels exist only once. Please note that some of them are only available when evcc is properly configured.

Channel Type Read/Write Description
general#batteryPower Number:Power R Current power from battery.
general#batterySoC Number:Dimensionless R Current State of Charge of battery.
general#batteryPrioritySoC Number:Dimensionless R State of State of Charge for which the battery has priority over charging the ev when charging mode is "pv".
general#gridPower Number:Power R Current power from grid (negative means feed-in)
general#homePower Number:Power R Current power taken by home.
general#pvPower Number:Power R Current power from photovoltaik.

# Loadpoint channels

Those channels exist per configured loadpoint. Please note that you have to replace N with your loadpoint number.

Channel Type Read/Write Description
loadpointN#activePhases Number R Current number of active phases while charging
loadpointN#chargeCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent R Current amperage per connected phase while charging
loadpointN#chargeDuration Number:Time R Charging duration
loadpointN#chargeRemainingDuration Number:Time R Remaining duration until target SoC is reached
loadpointN#chargeRemainingEnergy Number:Energy R Remaining energy until target SoC is reached
loadpointN#chargePower Number:Power R Current power of charging
loadpointN#chargedEnergy Number:Energy R Energy charged since plugged-in
loadpointN#charging Switch R Loadpoint is currently charging
loadpointN#enabled Switch R Charging enabled (mode is not "off")
loadpointN#hasVehicle Switch R Whether vehicle is configured for loadpoint
loadpointN#maxCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent RW Maximum amperage per connected phase with which the car should be charged
loadpointN#minCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent RW Minimum amperage per connected phase with which the car should be charged
loadpointN#minSoC Number:Dimensionless RW Charge immediately with maximum power up to the defined SoC, if the charge mode is not set to "off"
loadpointN#mode String RW Charging mode: "off", "now", "minpv", "pv"
loadpointN#phases Number RW The maximum number of phases which can be used
loadpointN#targetSoC Number:Dimensionless RW Until which state of charge (SoC) should the vehicle be charged
loadpointN#targetTime DateTime RW When the target SoC should be reached
loadpointN#targetTimeEnabled Switch RW Target time for charging enabled
loadpointN#title String R Title of loadpoint
loadpointN#vehicleConnected Switch R Whether vehicle is connected to loadpoint
loadpointN#vehicleConnectedDuration Number:Time R Duration the vehicle is connected to loadpoint
loadpointN#vehicleCapacity Number:Energy R Capacity of EV battery
loadpointN#vehicleOdometer Number:Length R Total distance travelled by EV
loadpointN#vehiclePresent Switch R Whether evcc is able to get data from vehicle
loadpointN#vehicleRange Number:Length R Battery range for EV
loadpointN#vehicleSoC Number:Dimensionless R Current State of Charge of EV
loadpointN#vehicleTitle String R Name of EV

# Full Example

# Thing(s)

Thing evcc:device:demo "evcc Demo" [url="", refreshInterval=60]

# Items

// General
Number:Power              evcc_demo_batteryPower                           "Battery Power [%.1f kW]"                         <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:general#batteryPower"}
Number:Dimensionless      evcc_demo_batterySoC                             "Battery SoC [%d %%]"                             <batterylevel>    {channel="evcc:device:demo:general#batterySoC"}
Number:Dimensionless      evcc_demo_batteryPrioritySoC                     "Battery Priority SoC [%d %%]"                    <batterylevel>    {channel="evcc:device:demo:general#batteryPrioritySoC"}
Number:Power              evcc_demo_gridPower                              "Grid Power [%.1f kW]"                            <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:general#gridPower"}
Number:Power              evcc_demo_homePower                              "Home Power [%.1f kW]"                            <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:general#homePower"}
Number:Power              evcc_demo_pvPower                                "PV Power [%.1f kW]"                              <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:general#pvPower"}

// Loadpoint
Number                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_activePhases                "Active Phases [%d]"                                                {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#activePhases"}
Number:ElectricCurrent    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeCurrent               "Charging current [%.0f A]"                       <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#chargeCurrent"}
Number:Time               evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeDuration              "Charging duration [%1$tH:%1$tM]"                 <time>            {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#chargeDuration"}
Number:Time               evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeRemainingDuration     "Charging remaining duration [%1$tH:%1$tM]"       <time>            {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#chargeRemainingDuration"}
Number:Energy             evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeRemainingEnergy       "Charging remaining energy [%.1f kWh]"            <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#chargeRemainingEnergy"}
Number:Power              evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargePower                 "Charging power [%.1f kW]"                        <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#chargePower"}
Number:Energy             evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargedEnergy               "Charged energy [%.1f kWh]"                       <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#chargedEnergy"}
Switch                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_charging                    "Currently charging [%s]"                         <battery>         {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#charging"}
Switch                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_enabled                     "Charging enabled [%s]"                           <switch>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#enabled"}
Switch                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_hasVehicle                  "Vehicle configured [%s]"                         <switch>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#hasVehicle"}
Number:ElectricCurrent    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_maxCurrent                  "Maximum current [%.0f A]"                        <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#maxCurrent"}
Number:ElectricCurrent    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_minCurrent                  "Minimum current [%.0f A]"                        <energy>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#minCurrent"}
Number:Dimensionless      evcc_demo_loadpoint0_minSoC                      "Minimum SoC [%d %%]"                             <batterylevel>    {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#minSoC"}
String                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_mode                        "Mode [%s]"                                                         {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#mode"}
Number                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_phases                      "Enabled phases [%d]"                                               {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#phases"}
Number:Dimensionless      evcc_demo_loadpoint0_targetSoC                   "Target SoC [%d %%]"                              <batterylevel>    {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#targetSoC"}
DateTime                  evcc_demo_loadpoint0_targetTime                  "Target time [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY, %1$tH:%1$tM]"    <time>            {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#targetTime"}
Switch                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_targetTimeEnabled           "Target time enabled [%s]"                        <switch>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#targetTimeEnabled"}
String                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_title                       "Loadpoint title [%s]"                            <text>            {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#title"}
// Vehicle on loadpoint
Switch                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleConnected            "Vehicle connected [%s]"                          <switch>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehicleConnected"}
Number:Time               evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleConnectedDuration    "Vehicle connected duration [%.1f h]"             <time>            {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehicleConnectedDuration"}
Number:Energy             evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleCapacity             "Vehicle capacity [%.0f kWH]"                     <batterylevel>    {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehicleCapacity"}
Number:Length             evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleOdometer             "Vehicle odometer [%.1f km]"                                        {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehicleOdometer"}
Switch                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehiclePresent              "Vehicle present [%s]"                            <switch>          {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehiclePresent"}
Number:Length             evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleRange                "Vehicle Range [%.0f km]"                                           {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehicleRange"}
Number:Dimensionless      evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleSoC                  "Vehicle SoC [%d %%]"                             <batterylevel>    {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehicleSoC"}
String                    evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleName                 "Vehicle name [%s]"                               <text>            {channel="evcc:device:demo:loadpoint0#vehicleTitle"}

# Sitemap

sitemap evcc label="evcc Demo" {
    Frame label="General" {
        Text item=evcc_demo_batteryPower
        Text item=evcc_demo_batterySoC
        Text item=evcc_demo_gridPower
        Text item=evcc_demo_homePower
        Text item=evcc_demo_pvPower
    Frame label="Loadpoint 0" {
        Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_title
        Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_enabled label="Charging" {
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_charging
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargePower
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeCurrent
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_activePhases
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeDuration
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeRemainingDuration
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_chargeRemainingEnergy
        Switch item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_mode mappings=["off"="Stop","now"="Now","minpv"="Min + PV", "pv"="Only PV"]
        Text label="Charging settings" icon="settings" {
            Setpoint item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_targetSoC minValue=5 maxValue=100 step=5
            Setpoint item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_minCurrent minValue=6 maxValue=96 step=2
            Setpoint item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_maxCurrent minValue=6 maxValue=96 step=2
            Setpoint item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_minSoC minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=5
            Setpoint item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_phases minValue=1 maxValue=3 step=2
        Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleName label="Vehicle" {
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleCapacity
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleOdometer
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleRange
            Text item=evcc_demo_loadpoint0_vehicleSoC