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# Bond Home Binding

This binding connects the Bond Home (opens new window) Bridge to openHAB using the BOND V2 Local HTTP API (opens new window). You'll need to acquire your Local Token (opens new window). The easiest way is to open the Bond Home app on your mobile device, tap on your bridge device, open the Advanced Settings, and copy it from the Local Token entry.

# Supported Things

Thing Type Description
bondBridge The RF/IR/WiFi Bridge
bondFan An RF or IR remote controlled ceiling fan with or without a light
bondFireplace An RF or IR remote controlled fireplace with or without a fan
bondGenericThing A generic RF or IR remote controlled device
bondShades An RF or IR remote controlled motorized shade

# Discovery

Once the bridge has been added, individual devices will be auto-discovered and added to the inbox.

# Thing Configuration

# bondBridge

Parameter Description Required
bondId The Bond ID of the bridge from the Bond Home app. Yes
localToken The authentication token for the local API. Yes
bondIpAddress The exact IP address to connect to the Bond Hub on the local network No

# Channels

Not all channels will be available for every device. They are dependent on how the device is configured in the Bond Home app.

# common Group

Channel Type Description
power Switch Device Power
command String Send a command to the device

Available commands:

Command Description
STOP Stop any in-progress dimming operation
PRESET Move a shade to a preset
DIM_START_STOP Dim the fan light (cyclically)
DIM_INCREASE Start increasing the brightness of the fan light
DIM_DECREASE Start decreasing the brightness of the fan light
UP_LIGHT_DIM_START_STOP Dim the fan light (cyclically)
UP_LIGHT_DIM_INCREASE Start increasing the brightness of the up light
UP_LIGHT_DIM_DECREASE Start decreasing the brightness of the up light
DOWN_LIGHT_DIM_START_STOP Dim the fan light (cyclically)
DOWN_LIGHT_DIM_INCREASE Start increasing the brightness of the down light
DOWN_LIGHT_DIM_DECREASE Start decreasing the brightness of the down light

# fan Group

Channel Type Description
power Switch Fan power (only applicable to fireplace fans)
speed Dimmer Sets the fan speed. The 0-100% value will be scaled to however many speeds the fan actually has. Note that you cannot set the fan to speed 0 - you must turn OFF the power channel instead.
breezeState Switch Enables or disables breeze mode
breezeMean Dimmer Sets the average speed in breeze mode
breezeVariability Dimmer Sets the variability of the speed in breeze mode.
direction String Sets the fan direction - "Summer" or "Winter"
timer Number Sets an automatic off timer for s seconds (turning on the fan if necessary)

# light, upLight, downLight Groups

Channel Type Description
power Switch Turns the light on or off
brightness Dimmer Adjusts the brightness of the light

# fireplace Group

Channel Type Description
flame Dimmer Adjust the flame level

# shade Group

Channel Type Description
rollershutter Rollershutter Only UP, DOWN, STOP, 0%, and 100% are supported.

# Full Example

# bond.things File

bondhome:bondBridge:BD123456 "Bond Bridge" [ ipAddress="", localToken="abc123", serialNumber="BD123456" ]
bondhome:bondFan:BD123456:0d11f00 "Living Room Fan" (bondhome:bondBridge:BD123456) [ deviceId="0d11f00" ]

# bond.items File

Switch GreatFan_Switch "Great Room Fan" { channel="bondhome:bondFan:BD123456:0d11f00:common#power" }
Dimmer GreatFan_Dimmer "Great Room Fan" { channel="bondhome:bondFan:BD123456:0d11f00:fan#speed" }
String GreatFan_Rotation "Great Room Fan Rotation" { channel="bondhome:bondFan:BD123456:0d11f00:fan#direction" }
Switch GreatFanLight_Switch "Great Room Fan Light" { channel="bondhome:bondFan:BD123456:0d11f00:light#power" }