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# SMA Energy Meter Binding

This Binding is used to display the measured values of a SMA Energy Meter device. It shows purchased and grid feed-in power and energy.

# Supported Things

This Binding supports SMA Energy Meter devices.

# Discovery

The Energy Meter is discovered by receiving data on the default multicast IP address.

# Binding Configuration

No binding configuration required.

# Thing Configuration

Usually no manual configuration is required, as the multicast IP address and the port remain on their factory set values. Optionally, a refresh interval (in seconds) can be defined.

# Channels

Channel Description
powerIn Purchased power
powerInL1 Purchased power L3
powerInL2 Purchased power L2
powerInL3 Purchased power L3
powerOut Grid feed-in power
powerOutL1 Grid feed-in power L1
powerOutL2 Grid feed-in power L2
powerOutL3 Grid feed-in power L3
energyIn Purchased energy
energyInL1 Purchased energy L1
energyInL2 Purchased energy L2
energyInL3 Purchased energy L3
energyOut Grid feed-in energy
energyOutL1 Grid feed-in energy L1
energyOutL2 Grid feed-in energy L2
energyOutL3 Grid feed-in energy L3

# Full example