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# Meteo Alerte Binding

The Meteo Alerte binding gives alert level regarding major weather related risk factors.

# Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing type, which represents the weather alerts for a given department. It has the department id. Of course, you can add multiple things, e.g. for getting alerts for different locations.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has a few configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
department Name of the department.
refresh Refresh interval in minutes. Optional, the default value is 1440 minutes (once a day).

# Channels

The Météo Alerte information that are retrieved is available as these channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
observation-time DateTime Date and time of report validity start
end-time DateTime Date and time of report validity end
comment String General comments on alerts for the department
vent Number Wind alert level (*)
pluie-inondation Number Rain alert level (*)
orage Number Storm alert level (*)
inondation Number Flood alert level (*)
neige Number Snow alert level (*)
canicule Number Heat alert level (*)
grand-froid Number Cold alert level (*)
avalanches Number Avalanche alert level (*)
vague-submersion Number Wave submersion alert level (*)
pluie-inondation-icon Image Pictogram of the Rain alert level
vent-icon Image Pictogram of the Wind alert level
orage-icon Image Pictogram of Storm alert level
inondation-icon Image Pictogram of Flood alert level
neige-icon Image Pictogram of Snow alert level
canicule-icon Image Pictogram of Heat alert level
grand-froid-icon Image Pictogram of Cold alert level
avalanches-icon Image Pictogram of Avalanche alert level
vague-submersion-icon Image Pictogram of Wave Submersion alert level

(*) Each alert level is described by a color :

Code Color Description
0 Green No particular vigilance
1 Yellow Be attentive to the weather situation
2 Orange Be "very vigilant" in the concerned areas
3 Red Absolute vigilance required

# Full Example


Thing meteoalerte:department:yvelines @ "MyCity" [department="YVELINES", refresh=12]


Group gMeteoAlert "Alertes Météo" <weather> 
    String  MA_Dept78                    "Département 78 [%s]"   <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:comment"}
    Number  MA_etat_canicule             "Canicule [%s]"         <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:canicule"}
    Number  MA_etat_grand_froid          "Grand Froid [%s]"      <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:grand-froid"}
    Number  MA_etat_pluie_inondation     "Pluie-Inondation [%s]" <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:pluie-inondation"}
    Number  MA_etat_neige                "Neige [%s]"            <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:neige"}
    Number  MA_etat_vent                 "Vent [%s]"             <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:vent"}
    Number  MA_etat_inondation           "Inondation [%s]"       <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:inondation"}
    Number  MA_etat_orage                "Orage [%s]"            <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:orage"}
    Number  MA_etat_avalanche            "Avalanches [%s]"       <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:avalanches"}
    Image       MA_icon_canicule         "Canicule"              <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:canicule-icon"}
    Image       MA_icon_grand_froid      "Grand Froid"           <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:grand-froid-icon"}
    Image       MA_icon_pluie_inondation "Pluie-Inondation"      <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:pluie-inondation-icon"}
    Image       MA_icon_neige            "Neige"                 <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:neige-icon"}
    Image       MA_icon_vent             "Vent"                  <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:vent-icon"}
    Image       MA_icon_inondation       "Inondation"            <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:inondation-icon"}
    Image       MA_icon_orage            "Orage"                 <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:orage-icon"}
    Image       MA_icon_avalanche        "Avalanche"             <aqi>       (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:avalanches-icon"}
    DateTime    MA_ObservationTS         "Timestamp [%1$tH:%1$tM]"   <time>  (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:observation-time"}