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# Orbit B-hyve Binding

This is the binding for the Orbit B-hyve (opens new window) wi-fi sprinklers.

# Supported Things

This binding should support all the sprinklers which can be controlled by the Orbit B-hyve mobile application. So far only the Orbit B-hyve 8-zone Indoor Timer (opens new window) has been confirmed working. (Hardware version WT24-0001)

# Discovery

This binding supports the auto discovery of the sprinklers bound to your Orbit B-hyve account.
To start the discovery you need to create a bridge thing and enter valid credentials to your Orbit B-hyve cloud account.

# Thing Configuration

The bridge thing requires a manual configuration. You have to enter valid credentials to your Orbit B-hyve account, and you can also set the refresh time in seconds for polling data from the Orbit cloud.
There is no user configuration related to sprinkler things. Sprinklers do need a configuration property id identifying the device, but the only way how to retrieve it is to let the bridge to auto discover sprinklers.

# Channels

This binding automatically detects all zones and programs for each sprinkler and creates these dynamic channels:

channel type description
zone_% Switch This channel controls the manual zone watering (ON/OFF)
program_% Switch This channel controls the manual program watering (ON/OFF)
enable_program_% Switch This channel controls the automatic program scheduling (ON/OFF)

Beside the dynamic channels each sprinkler thing provides these standard channels:

channel type description
mode String This channel represents the mode of sprinkler device (auto/manual)
next_start DateTime This channel represents the start time of the next watering
rain_delay Number:Time This channel manages the current rain delay in hours
watering_time Number:Time This channel manages the manual zone watering time in minutes
control Switch This channel controls the sprinkler (ON/OFF)
smart_watering Switch This channel controls the smart watering (ON/OFF)

# Full Example

# Things Example

Bridge orbitbhyve:bridge:mybridge "Orbit Bridge" [ email="[email protected]", password="yourPass", refresh=30 ] {  
  Thing sprinkler indoor_timer "Sprinkler" [ id="4cab55704e0d7ddf98c1cc37" ]  

# Items Example

Switch IrrigationControl "Irrigation active" <bhyve>  (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:control" }  
Switch IrrigationSmartWatering "Smart watering" <bhyve> (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:smart_watering" }  
Switch Irrigation1 "Zone 1" <water> (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:zone_1" }  
Switch Irrigation2 "Zone 2" <water> (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:zone_2" }  
Switch Irrigation3 "Zone 3" <water> (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:zone_3" }  
Switch Irrigation4 "Zone 4" <water> (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:zone_4" }  
Switch IrrigationP1 "Run program A" <program> (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:program_a" }  
Switch IrrigationP1Enable "Schedule program A" <program>  (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:enable_program_a" }  
String IrrigationMode "Irrigation mode [%s]" <water>  (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:mode" }  
Number IrrigationTime "Irrigation time [%d min]" <clock>  (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:watering_time" }  
Number IrrigationRainDelay "Rain delay [%d h]" <hourglass>  (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:rain_delay" }  
DateTime IrrigationNextStart "Next start A [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tR]" <clock>  (Out_Irrigation) { channel="orbitbhyve:sprinkler:mybridge:indoor_timer:next_start" }  

# Sitemap Example

Switch item=IrrigationControl  
Switch item=IrrigationSmartWatering  
Switch item=Irrigation1  
Switch item=Irrigation2  
Switch item=Irrigation3  
Switch item=Irrigation4  
Setpoint item=IrrigationTime minValue=1 maxValue=240 step=1  
Switch item=IrrigationP1  
Switch item=IrrigationP1Enable  
Text item=IrrigationMode  
Text item=IrrigationRainDelay  
Switch item=IrrigationRainDelay mappings=[0="OFF", 24="24", 48="48", 72="72"]  
Text item=IrrigationNextStart visibility=[IrrigationP1Enable==ON]