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# Modbus Saia Burgess Controls Binding

This binding interfaces the energy meter series ALD1 by Saia Burgess Controls (SBC) via Modbus.

# Supported Things

The following Things are supported:

  • ald1Unidirectional: 1-phase 32A one-way energy meter ALD1D5FD00A3A00
  • ald1Bidirectional: 1-phase 32A two-way energy meter ALD1B5FD00A3A00

# Discovery

This binding does not support discovery.

# Thing Configuration

The following configuration parameter applys to ald1Unidirectional and ald1Bidirectional.

Name Description Type Required
pollInterval Time between polling the data in ms Integer yes

The Thing needs a Modbus serial slave Bridge to operate.

One of the following serial settings need to be configured in the Bridge:

  • 9600 baud, 2 stop bit, no parity
  • 9600 baud, 1 stop bit, even parity
  • 9600 baud, 1 stop bit, odd parity

# Channels

The following Channels apply to ald1Unidirectional and ald1Bidirectional if not stated otherwise.

Name Type Description
total_energy Number:Energy Energy Total
partial_energy Number:Energy Energy Counter Resettable (only unidirectional meter)
feeding_back_energy Number:Energy Energy Feeding Back (only bidirectional meter)
voltage Number:ElectricPotential Effective Voltage
current Number:ElectricCurrent Effective Current
active_power Number:Power Effective Active Power (negative numbers mean feeding back)
reactive_power Number:Power Effective Reactive Power (negative numbers mean feeding back)
power_factor Number:Dimensionless Power Factor

# Full Example

# .items

Number:Energy ALD1_Total_Energy "[%.2f %unit%]"        {channel="modbus:ald1Bidirectional:8b6e85623b:total_energy"}
Number:Energy ALD1_Feeding_Back_Energy "[%.2f %unit%]" {channel="modbus:ald1Bidirectional:8b6e85623b:feeding_back_energy"}
Number:ElectricPotential ALD1_Voltage "[%d %unit%]"    {channel="modbus:ald1Bidirectional:8b6e85623b:voltage"}
Number:ElectricCurrent ALD1_Current "[%.1f %unit%]"    {channel="modbus:ald1Bidirectional:8b6e85623b:current"}
Number:Power ALD1_Active_Power "[%.2f %unit%]"         {channel="modbus:ald1Bidirectional:8b6e85623b:active_power"}
Number:Power ALD1_Reactive_Power "[%.2f %unit%]"       {channel="modbus:ald1Bidirectional:8b6e85623b:reactive_power"}
Number:Dimensionless ALD1_Power_Factor "[%.2f]"        {channel="modbus:ald1Bidirectional:8b6e85623b:power_factor"}

# .sitemap

sitemap ald1 label="ALD1 Energy Meter"
    Default item=ALD1_Total_Energy label="Total Energy"
    Default item=ALD1_Feeding_Back_Energy label="Feeding Back Energy"
    Default item=ALD1_Voltage label="Voltage"
    Default item=ALD1_Current label="Current"
    Default item=ALD1_Active_Power label="Active Power"
    Default item=ALD1_Reactive_Power label="Reactive Power"
    Default item=ALD1_Power_Factor label="Power Factor"