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# AM43

This extension adds support for AM43 Blind Drive Motors (opens new window).

# Supported Things

Following thing types are supported by this extension:

Thing Type ID Description
am43 AM43 Blind Drive Motor

# Discovery

As any other Bluetooth device, AM43 Blind Drive Motors are discovered automatically by the corresponding bridge.

# Thing Configuration

Supported configuration parameters AM43 Blind Drive Motor thing:

Property Type Default Required Description
address String Yes Bluetooth address of the device (in format "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX")
refreshInterval Integer 60 No How often a refresh shall occur in seconds
invertPosition Boolean false No Inverts the blinds percentages such that 0 becomes 100 and 100 becomes 0

# Channels

Following channels are supported for AM43 Blind Drive Motor thing:

Channel ID Item Type Description
direction String The direction of the motor for UP/DOWN controls. Is either 'Forward' or 'Reverse'
topLimitSet Switch Whether or not the top limit of the blinds has been set
bottomLimitSet Switch Whether or not the bottom limit of the blinds has been set
hasLightSensor Switch Whether or not the solar sensor was detected
operationMode String Controls behavior of motor on manual button presses. Is either 'Inching' or 'Continuous'
position Rollershutter Main rollershutter controls
speed Number:Dimensionless The speed, in RPMs, that the motor will move the blinds
length Number:Length The length of the blinds in millimeters. (Mostly useless)
diameter Number:Length The diameter of the motor pulley. (Mostly useless)
type Number:Dimensionless The type of blinds that the motor is connected to. (Mostly useless)
lightLevel Number:Dimensionless The light level detected by the solar sensor. Will range from 0-10
electric Number:Dimensionless The current percent charge of the motor's battery

# Example

am43.things (assuming you have a Bluetooth bridge with the ID bluetooth:bluegiga:adapter1:

bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1  "AM43 Blind Drive Motor 1" (bluetooth:bluegiga:adapter1) [ address="12:34:56:78:9A:BC", refreshInterval=300, invertPosition=false ]


String                  direction       "Direction [%s]"            { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:direction" }
Switch                  topLimitSet     "Top Limit Set"             { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:topLimitSet" }
Switch                  bottomLimitSet  "Bottom Limit Set"          { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:bottomLimitSet" }
Switch                  hasLightSensor  "Has Light Sensor"          { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:hasLightSensor" }
String                  operationMode   "Operation Mode [%s]"       { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:operationMode" }
Rollershutter           position        "Position [%.0f %%]"        { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:position" }
Number:Dimensionless    speed           "Speed [%.0f RPM]"          { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:speed" }
Number:Length           length          "Length [%.0f %unit%]"      { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:length" }
Number:Length           diameter        "Diameter [%.0f %unit%]"    { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:diameter" }
Number:Dimensionless    type            "Type [%.0f]"               { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:type" }
Number:Dimensionless    light_level     "Light Level [%.0f]"        { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:lightLevel" }
Number:Dimensionless    battery_level   "Battery Level [%.0f %%]"   { channel="bluetooth:am43:adapter1:motor1:electric" }