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# oh-toggle-item - Toggle List Item

Display a toggle switch in a list

# Configuration

# List Item

General settings of the list item

# title Title TEXT

Title of the item

# subtitle Subtitle TEXT

Subtitle of the item

# after After TEXT

Text to display on the opposite side of the item (set either this or a badge)

# icon Icon TEXT

Use oh:iconName (openHAB icon), f7:iconName (Framework7 icon), material:iconName (Material icon) or iconify:iconSet:iconName (Iconify icon, requires being online if not in cache)

# iconColor Icon Color TEXT

Not applicable to openHAB icons

# iconUseState Icon depends on state BOOLEAN

Use the state of the item to get a dynamic icon (for openHAB icons only)

# Toggle

# item Item TEXT item

Item to control

# color Color TEXT

Color of the control (supported values: red, green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, purple, deeppurple, lightblue, teal, lime, deeporange, gray, white, black)