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# oh-slider - Slider

Slider control, allows to pick a number value on a scale

# Configuration

# General

# item Item TEXT item

Item to control

# min Min DECIMAL

Minimum value

# max Max DECIMAL

Maximum value

# step Step DECIMAL

Minimum interval between values

# vertical Vertical DECIMAL

Display the slider vertically

# label Display Label BOOLEAN

Display a label above the slider knob while sliding

# scale Display Scale BOOLEAN

Display a scale on the slider

# scaleSteps Scale steps INTEGER

Number of (major) scale markers

# scaleSubSteps Scale sub-steps INTEGER

Number of scale minor markers between each major marker

# unit Unit TEXT

Text to append to the label while dragging the cursor

# releaseOnly Send command only on release BOOLEAN

If enabled, no commands are sent during sliding

# commandInterval Command Interval INTEGER

Time to wait between subsequent commands in ms (default 200)

# delayStateDisplay Delay State Display INTEGER

Time to wait before switching from displaying user input to displaying item state in ms (default 2000)

# variable Variable TEXT

Name of the variable to set on input change

# variableKey Variable Key TEXT

Consider the variable value is an object and set the corresponding deep property within that object using a key syntax. Examples:, user[0].address[1].street, [0], [0].label. The inner property and its parent hierarchy will be created if missing.