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# oh-knob-card - Knob Card

Display a knob in a card to visualize and control a quantifiable item

# Configuration

# Card

Parameters of the card

# title Title TEXT

Title of the card

Footer of the card

# noBorder No Border BOOLEAN

Do not render the card border

# noShadow No Shadow BOOLEAN

Do not render a shadow effect to the card

# outline Outline BOOLEAN

Show the card outline

# Knob

Parameters are passed to the underlying Knob control

# item Item TEXT item

Item to control

# min Min INTEGER

Minimum value (default 0)

# max Max INTEGER

Maximum value (default 100)

# stepSize Step DECIMAL

Minimum interval between values (default 1)

# disabled Disabled BOOLEAN

Disable the slider (usually set via an expression since the value will not be displayed when disabled)

# size Size INTEGER

Visual size of the control in px (or % if responsive is true)

# primaryColor Primary Color TEXT

Color of the value arc (HTML value, default #409eff)

# secondaryColor Secondary Color TEXT

Color of the rest of the control (HTML value, default #dcdfe6)

# textColor Text Color TEXT

Color of the value text (HTML value, default #000000)

# strokeWidth Stroke Width TEXT

Thickness of the arcs, default 17

# responsive Responsive BOOLEAN

Size the control using percentages instead of pixels

# releaseOnly Send command only on release BOOLEAN

If enabled, no commands are sent during sliding

# commandInterval Command Interval INTEGER

Time to wait between subsequent commands in ms (default 200)

# delayStateDisplay Delay State Display INTEGER

Time to wait before switching from displaying user input to displaying item state in ms (default 2000)