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# oh-gauge - Gauge

Circular or semi-circular read-only gauge

# Configuration

# General

# item Item TEXT item

Item to control

# min Min INTEGER

Minimum value (default 0)

# max Max INTEGER

Maximum value (default 100)

# type Type TEXT

Type of the gauge


# value Value TEXT

Value, if the item is not set - between min & max (for instance, defined with an expression)

# size Size INTEGER

Visual size of the control in px (default 200)

# bgColor Background Color TEXT

Gauge background color. Can be any valid color string, e.g. #ff00ff, rgb(0,0,255), etc.

# borderBgColor Border Background Color TEXT

Main border/stroke background color

# borderColor Border Color TEXT

Main border/stroke color

# borderWidth Border Width TEXT

Main border/stroke width

# valueText Value Text TEXT

Value text, if the item is not set (for instance, defined with an expression)

# valueTextColor Value Text Color TEXT

Value text color

# valueFontSize Value Font Size TEXT

Value text font size

# valueFontWeight Value Font Weight TEXT

Value text font weight

# labelText Label Text TEXT

Label text, displayed below the value (optional)

# labelTextColor Label Text Color TEXT

Label text color

# labelFontSize Label Font Size TEXT

Label text font size

# labelFontWeight Label Font Weight TEXT

Label text font weight