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# oh-canvas-layout - Canvas Layout

Position widgets on a canvas layout with arbitrary position and size down to pixel resolution

# Configuration

# Layout Settings

# grid Grid size INTEGER

Grid size in pixels used to snap content (default 20)

# Screen Settings

# screenWidth Screen Width INTEGER

Screen width in pixels (default 1280)

# screenHeight Screen Height INTEGER

Screen width in pixels (default 720)

# scale Scaling BOOLEAN

Scale content to screen width (can lead to unexpected styling issues) (default false)

# imageUrl Image URL TEXT url

The URL of the image to display as background

# imageSrcSet Image Source Set TEXT

The src-set attribute of background image element to take into account multiple device resolutions. For example: "/static/floorplans/floor-0.jpg, /static/floorplans/[email protected] 2x"

# Appearance

# hideNavbar Hide Navigation bar BOOLEAN

Hide navigation bar on top when page is displayed (You can additionally hide the sidebar using its pin icon) (default false)

# hideSidebarIcon Hide Sidebar Icon BOOLEAN

Don't show a menu icon in the top left corner when the sidebar is closed (default false)

# showFullscreenIcon Show Fullscreen Icon BOOLEAN

Show a fullscreen icon on the top right corner (default false)

# Canvas items shadow

# boxShadow Box shadow TEXT

Shadow applied to box elements (box-shadow CSS syntax).

# textShadow Text shadow TEXT

Shadow applied to text elements or font icons (text-shadow CSS syntax)

# filterShadow Filter Shadow TEXT

Shadow applied to raster or SVG image elements (filter: drop-shadow() CSS syntax)