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# Ephemeris

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# Introduction

The ephemeris category provides blocks with calendar functionality. The blocks can be used to determine what type of day today is, or a number of days before or after today is. For example, a way to determine if today is a weekend, a bank holiday, someone’s birthday, trash day, etc.

Definition of holidays can be customised through the ephemeris.cfg file. See the Ephemeris configuration page (opens new window) for more information.

# Overview of the Ephemeris blocks


# Ephemeris Blocks

More about that topic can be viewed at youtube Using Ephemeris information (opens new window)

# Holiday, weekend or weekday check


Function: this block checks if the given date is a holiday, weekday or weekend.

Type: boolean true or false



# Get the holiday name for a particular date


Function: Returns the holiday name for the given date. Will return null if no holiday is found for the date.

Type: String

# Get the number of days until a specific holiday


Function: Return the number of days until the given holiday name, or -1 if the holiday is not found.

Type: number

Some holidays are already provided by default from openHAB. Additional holidays must be configured in ephemeris.cfg.

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